Gaming Headset for PC PS5 Xbox X

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Professional gaming headset: RABAK GM-1 gaming headset is made for a video gamer. The 3.5mm attachment is broadly compatible with Playstation PS4, PSP, New Xbox One, iPhone 5/6, Samsung S5/S4, LG, Huawei Smart Phone, iPad, Android Tablet, and so on Shading: Blue & Black

Easy to use: RABAK headset is outfitted with a Volume and Mic control, which permits you to work them even more advantageously when it's required. LED lights make your gaming experience even cooler!!

Enhanced Bass and Noise Cancelling: The enhanced Bass component on RABAK headset makes the game audio cue more striking and stunning. It's simply similar to a live experience! Noise-canceling: High accuracy 4mm driver with vivid 36-degree sound system sound. Viable with most games

Max comfortability: RABAK headset accompanies too delicate over-ear cushions and the ear covers are made of skin-accommodating cowhide material that is comfortable for wearing over long periods.

Universal compatibility: RABAK headset is compatible with any gadgets that have a 3.5mm sound jack port, for example, PS4, new Xbox One (Xbox One S) [Old form Xbox One requires a connector which is excluded from this product], PC, PC, tablet, iPad, PC, PDA. The bundle incorporates a FREE Y split connector link for conventional PC/Laptop 3.5mm Speaker and Microphone Jack.